What it takes to live as an artist.

Continue to create for at least five years, and to do so, do not depend on your creative work for your livelihood.

Keep doing it for five years.

If you are doing creative work that you are satisfied with and sending out appropriate information, it will resonate in someone's mind within five years.

Do not depend on creative activities for income.

If you are trying to make money, your creative work will not resonate with the world, and it will be difficult to continue for five years.

Allowing time for creative activities.

Stop laboring for income in order to have time to create.

We support artists to create an environment where they can continue their creative activities for five years.

Artsnet is well versed in engagement, funding, and technology, and is committed to creating a creative environment for artists that utilizes these tools. Artists only need to bring their creations.

Soon we will be in a world where we can express ourselves freely...

How to continue your free creative work will be published soon...